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Thasos 64004, Greece

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    Tuesday 18 June 2024

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About Thasos

Thasos Island is situated at the northern end of the Aegean and is divided from the mainland by a thin strip of sea. It is easily accessible by a 45-minute ferry ride from the Port of Keramoti, or an hour from the port of Kavala. Arriving here you will come across a green, hill-covered landscape. The island is extremely rich in vegetation, with its most common trees being the pines and olive trees. This wealth in greenery lends the island’s pristine beaches their distinguishing turquoise hue. Geographically, Thasos’ centre is mountainous; its highest peak, Mount Ipsarion reaches 1,205 meters. For the historically inclined there are plenty of unique archaeological sites such as the Ancient Agora, the ancient theatre, the Archaeological Museum of Thasos and many more. As for traditional products those include, honey, olives and olive oil and, of course, the Thassian marble.