COVID-19 Update

Please visit the website and fill your personal details 48 hours before your trip to Greece.

Government announcement (10/7/2020)

Starting from 6.00 am on Tuesday July 14th 2020, those entering for non-essential reasons (ie tourism) from the border checkpoint of Promachonas, have to display a negative molecular test (PCR) result for the coronavirus. The test has to be made up to 72 hours before entering Greece.

The obligation to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) remains in force. The minimum time to complete the PLF is limited to 24 hours before arriving in Greece.

Measures and operation policies of the hotel

Throughout the hotel

  • The hotel has developed an Action Plan and a Suspected Case Management Plan with the hotel Manager as the designated lead.
  • Cooperation with a secondary health care provider with a designated collaborating physician.
  • All health measures that have been announced by EODY (National Public Health Organization ) are observed.
  • All hotel staff have been trained to adhere to the new health protocols.

Public spaces

  • Adherence to the increased cleaning and disinfection protocol with emphasis on surfaces of frequent contact.
  • Installation of stations with antiseptic solution for dry hand sanitization.
  • Signage for the adherence to all the health instructions of EODY by hotel guests.
  • Rearrangement of hotel furniture to avoid overcrowding.


  • Mandatory extension of check out – check in window.

Check out until 11.00 am – Check In from 15.00 pm

  • Prohibition of entry into guest-rooms to non-residents.
  • Disinfection of the surfaces in reception and the room key cards.
  • Customers are offered electronic payment of accommodation expenses (credit card, e-banking).
  • Luggage handling upon customer request.
  • Installation of a plexiglass separator in the reception area.


  • Removal of decorative objects, leaflets, coffee machines and kettles to minimise the surfaces of frequent contact in the rooms.
  • Cleaning of the room during the guests’ stay will be less frequent and upon the customer’s request.
  • The evening preparation of a room which includes changing the linen and towels will only be available upon the customer’s request.
  • For better ventilation, the air conditioning will remain switched on even when the balcony door is open.
  • Cleaning of the rooms is done according to official protocols and is followed by a steam disinfection.

Dining Services

  • The operating health protocols of stores (restaurants, bars) are followed.
  • Upon the receipt, storage and preparation of food we comply with a certified HACCP system.
  • A modified operation of the buffet with a personalized service and use of plexiglass dividers to avoid contact of the customer with the food.
  • Adherence to measures to avoid overcrowding and congestion in restaurants.
  • Ability to install tables and seats in an outdoor area if needed.

Swimming Pool

  • Operation of the facilities of the swimming pool with all the planned health and safety measures.


  • Operation of the beach facilities with all the planned health and safety measures.

Date of issue 04/06/2020